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 Skin disorder that results in your skin losing its pigment or color. Your skin either turns white or seems lighter than it naturally is as a result of this. If the area of your skin losing pigment is less than one centimeter wide, it is referred to as a macula, and if it is more than one centimeter wide, it is referred to as a patch. Hair that is on a portion of your body with Leucoderma may turn white or silver.

The disease develops when your body’s immune system eliminates melanocyte.  Melanin, the substance that gives skin its color or pigmentation, is produced by melanocyte, which is a skin cell.


  • Patches of skin or mucous membranes that lose color. These can appear white or lighter than your natural skin tone.
  • Patches of hair on your body turn silver, gray or white.
  • Symptoms can be mild and only affect a small area of your body or severe and affect a large area of your skin.
  • Some people with Leucoderma experience itchy skin before depigmentation starts.


An autoimmune condition: Melanocyte is healthy cells that your immune system mistakenly views as harmful germs or other external invaders. As a result, your immune system overreacts and creates antibodies that target your melanocyte.

Genetic changes: Your body’s DNA could alter or experience a genetic mutation, which might have an effect on how your melanocyte functions. More than 30 genes have been found to increase your risk of developing Leucoderma.

Environmental triggers: Your melanocyte cells’ ability to operate can be impacted by things like exposure to harmful chemicals and UV light.


You can reduce your risk of developing Leucoderma by:

  • Practicing safe sun exposure habits.
  • Taking care of your skin by using a moisturizer daily.
  • Avoiding stress or injury to your body.
  • Managing any underlying autoimmune conditions.

 Homeopathy treatment

Since it provides a thorough treatment, gets to the source of the issue by boosting immunity, and eventually returns the pigmented patches to the natural skin tone. Leucoderma is viewed by homoeopathy as a local manifestation of a system problem. Homoeopathic medicine can be helpful.


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