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Fear of loss

There it is again, this stabbing pain that drives through your body like an ice-cold lightning bolt. Suddenly, the horrible feeling of emptiness spreads through you. Your hands begin to tremble and you feel abandoned and completely helpless. Yet nothing has actually happened, apart from the fact that you have just been abandoned. But not in the sense of Separation – You just couldn’t cope with the departure of a person close to you. Now your emotions are going crazy. And although your head knows that you are completely overreacting, your fear of loss has you firmly in its grip once again.

We all know the fear of partings and the loss of loved ones, situations or things. Some are very afraid of losing their partner or best friend. Another fear for his job or his social status. To some extent, this is perfectly natural. But sometimes fears of loss get so out of hand that they virtually numb us. We lose sight of reality, suffer terribly and build a protective wall around ourselves.


The symptoms of loss anxiety can vary from person to person. However, there is always a clear intersection that clearly points to symptoms of loss anxiety. We would like to briefly introduce you to the most common symptoms in connection with fear of loss.

Groundless jealousy: Do you blow a fuse quickly when your partner is talking to someone else?

Brackets: Do you want to spend every free minute with your partner? Do you restrict him and leave him no free space?

Control compulsion: Do you constrict people in your environment and want to control their actions?

Recognition: You are constantly looking for recognition and want to be applauded by those around you.

Low Self-confidence: Do you often feel worthless, small and much worse than other people?

Distrust: You find it incredibly difficult to trust other people and to put aside your constant doubts.

Illness:  You constantly fear that a bad illness will throw your life off track.

Overreactions:  Even little things already get you to 180.

Constant pessimism: You see only the bad in everything and fear that at any moment the world could end.

Overprotective: Always you are overprotective and try to protect your environment from all dangers.

Emotional dependence: You need people around you all the time. Being alone is a total horror for you.

Susceptibility to stress: As soon as your ideal world starts to shake, you experience above-average stress, which pulls you down.


  • So our existence would be severely threatened if we lost our parents. This time in our lives shapes us so much that even as adults we sometimes perceive losses as existentially threatening.
  • For some of us, traumatic experiences and terrible experiences come along over the years. When parents’ separate or important attachment figures die, this can result in our fear of loss becoming more pronounced than average.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           If you have ever been unexpectedly abandoned by a partner and the separation has pulled the rug out from under you, this can also leave lasting emotional wounds and lead to permanent feelings of loss and pain. Attachment Anxiety that was set

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