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Definition : A common painful condition due to inflammation of single or many costochondral junctions, bf varied aetiology.

  • Pain over the anterior chest wall with tenderness over costochondrai junctions and costosternal regions. Insidious onset.
  • Pain over multiple locations in the area, most often pleuritic, and on occasions radiating to the arms, and some complain of a feeling of chest tightness.
  • There could be recent history of respiratory infection, or overuse of the chest muscles and arms, or any unusual physical activity.
  • Importance of the condition on account of differential diagnostic possibilities of major conditions like Ml, Angina, Oesophagitis, pericarditis, mitral valve prolapse etc.
  • Diagnosis made by thorough history taking and good physical examination.
  • In Tietze’ syndrome, the joints are swollen, red and tender. /o9osis: a self limiting short illness with good recovery.

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